Meditation Workshop

In this workshop, we explore different types of meditation, mantra and mindfulness techniques, from Lourdes’ prayer, Gregorian chant-meditation, Tibetan chants, to transcendental meditation, to kundalini meditation,Om shanti mediation, Nung mioho renge kio meditation,  Sa Ta Na Ma mantra meditation and other mantras and mental detachment techniques that have been practiced for  thousands of years spanning multiple cultures and religions.

Strong sciencedoes show  multiple health benefits from correct holistic meditation, including it’s anti-aging and rejuvenation boosts in terms of slowing down the shortening of the telomeres, (telomere biology is one of the important aging and chronic disease mechanisms). See below for some video testimonial proof, including from a Nobel Laureat in Physiology.  Both Harvard University and UCLA scientists have demonstrated these above-mentioned claims to be  anchored in good science. When meditation is combined to breathing, trauma-releases, activation of the passion genes, sophrology, acu-pressure, yoga and consciousness work, heliotherapy, healthy Mediterraneannutrition, among other holistic techniques, we can benefit even more from strong long lasting health and rejuvenation effects. The evidence and different practices will all be covered in this workshop. Meanwhile, see the Institute’s blog-articleon this topic for a few more pieces of substantiation.

Stress management and the optimization of  longevity via meditation

Some Guided Meditation Tools

 Science that supports the claim that Meditation rejuvenates and boost human longevity genes, as well as wellbeing, health, vitality and more. Among others, hereinafter an expert testimony from Nobel Laureat Professor Blackburn

“We review data linking telomere length to cognitive stress and stress arousaland present new data linking cognitive appraisal to telomere length. Given the pattern of associations revealed so far, we propose that someforms of meditation may have salutary effects on telomere length by reducing cognitive stress and stress arousal and increasing positive states of mind and hormonal factors that may promote telomere maintenance.Aspects of this model are currently being tested in ongoing trials of mindfulness meditation”. (Source)


“This is the first study to link meditation and positive psychological change with telomerase activity. Although we did not measure baseline telomerase activity,the data suggest that increases in perceived control and decreases in negative affectivity contributed to an increase in telomerase activity, with implications for telomere length and immune cell longevity.Further, Purpose in Life is influenced by meditative practice and directly affects both perceived control and negative emotionality, affecting telomerase activity directly as well as indirectly”. (Source)

“May all living beings be well, happy, and peaceful. May no harm come to them. May they always meet with spiritual success. May they also have patience, courage, understanding, and determination to meet and overcome inevitable difficulties, problems, and failures in life. May they always rise above with morality, integrity, forgiveness, compassion, mindfulness, and wisdom.” – From the book Mindfulness in Plain Englishby Henepola Gunaratana
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